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You Need Slappcards On Your Merch Table!

Indie And Main Stream Artists Are Using Slappcards Instead of Cd's, Providing Fans With Something They Can Keep Forever, Instantly Gaining Access To Your Music., While Building An Email List Of Subscribers!

500 CD'S = $515.00
500 SLAPP CARDS= $70.00

DJ Mixing
Digital Music Download Cards

Digital Music Download Cards

Sell just like Cd’s

Give Your Fans Something New and innovative! 

Be Creative! Be Different! Stand Out! 

Call us now to get started or schedule an appointment

We can get you set up in less than 15 minutes!

Sell Slapp Cards to Promote,

Earn, and Keep in Touch with Fans!

 *Track your sales by providing a barcode.

Provide Limited Edition Slappcards To Fans Who Purchase Your NFT Releases. 



Your Slapp Pack Include:

*Your logo or album/mixtape cover

*Free music hosting*!

Email list builder is free with purchase.

We host your music here on our site free!

We don't make any money from your release, 

You keep %100 royalties.

Only fans who purchased your

SLAPP CARD can download your music,

Non-members cannot view your profile page

*Two Ways to Download*

*Music-Qr code and NFC Technology*

Let us create a package for an upcoming show or Tour! 

Get started

Custom Logo T-Shirts

Custom Logo T-Shirts

it’s easy to find something you love. We carry a large variety of stylish items to meet every price point. Have a look at our products below and start dreaming about that perfect addition to your closet. Whether you love staying ahead of all the fashion trends or you’re looking for those classic items, at SLAPPCARD 16/8 CLOTHING, we’ve got you covered. Our large selection is why we are such a highly recommended T-shirt Retailer.


Contact Us For Bulk Quotes

Need Usb FLash Drives?


We Work With Some Of The Most Innovative Usb Flash Drive Distributors and Creators!

Use For Promo, Sell As Merch,

Or As A Show Tape.

You Can Also Provide Custom Flash Drives As Gifts To Those Who Purchase

Your NFT Releases. 

Contact Us To Get Started!

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