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Tools 4 Indie Artists!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Here Are Some Things Every Independent Artist Should Have.


Having multiple social media accounts and regularly posting links and uploads is a perfect start to gain exposure. To look more professional, control your sales funnels, and contacts, consider getting a domain name and website. Nowadays you can build a website for free and purchase a domain name for as low as $0.99. Check out GoDaddy or Hostgator,

Both have easy to use tools and affordable prices.

If you’re looking to upgrade your brand and appear more professional, I suggest trying WIX, It's easy and affordable. I personally love WIX, I’ve tried quite a few website builders, and trust me, after trial and error, I found that WIX had all the tools I was looking for!

They have great customer service and tech-support. You don’t need coding experience to get started, It's super easy! Check it out..


Digital distribution is the delivery or distribution of digital media content such as audio, video, e-books, video games, and other software. Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Distrokid, and CD Baby are examples of streaming platforms that distribute music. Check out TuneCore! It’s the best way to sell and share your music online and they let you keep 100% of the sales revenue! Here’s 20% off to distribute your music!


A Slappcard is a digital music download card embedded with your mixtape/album track list. Sell Just Like CD's - Anywhere.

Slappcards are easy to transport, If You can bring more merchandise to your gigs, you can make more money and give your fans something cool in return! Get Some Slappcards!


Sign up with a publishing company to collect royalties on your behalf.

Check Out - (ASCAP) The American Society of Composers, (BMI) Broadcast Music, Inc. is a performance rights organization in the United States. More Info...


If you need a platform to collect digital royalties for music streams online.

Check Out SoundExchange, a non-profit collective rights management organization.


Finding the right recording equipment DAW studio or producer can be challenging and expensive, we suggest finding an affordable set up that works for you. Some musician need a little more than others, home studios are on the rise due to an increase in technology, and having the right music, a good DAW and PC is all you need to sound just like the professionals.Check out our links below.:

Slappcard Offers the Hottest Beats @ The Most Affordable Prices!!

The Best Exclusive & Non Exclusive Beat licensing Agreements.

SPLICE-Explore Millions Of Royalty-Free Samples And Presets



Custom logo T-shirts are something every serious brand/artist should have.

Branded T-shirts are a must-have for shows and events, market your idea just by wearing them, or giving them away as a souvenir, It’s all free advertising at the end of the day.


Recording split sheets are written agreements for music publishing, and royalties are split between music contributors. More Info...


Email marketing is a great way to connect with fans. Save some time by sending an email to multiple subscribers with out having to send hundreds of separete emails.

An Email list builder is free when you purchase Slappcards. We host your music here on our site free! Indie And Main Stream Artists Are Using Slappcards Instead of Cd's, Providing Fans With Something They Can Keep Forever, Instantly Gaining Access To Your Music., While Building An Email List Of Subscribers!


Use For Promo, Sell As Merch, Or As A Show Tape. You Can Also Provide Custom Flash Drives As Gifts To Those Who Purchase Your NFT Releases.

Optional Tools To Help Your Brand Look More Professional

You can set up your own texting campaign without using a personal phone number by using

a short code. An SMS short code can protect your privacy, and group subscribers into categories so you can stay in touch with fans and potential customers. You can also text upcoming events, videos, music, and products. SHORT CODE SMS or short numbers, are short digit sequences, significantly shorter than telephone numbers More Info...

Other helpful links: Purchase a 1-800 number here

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