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How To Make Money Selling Physical CD's

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Here Are A Few Ways Independent Artists Are Bringing Back CD Sales Using This Method.

Most Indie Artists Want To Know:

Do CD's Still Make Money, Or Should I Invest In CD Duplication? Answers Below...

Lets Explore The New Innovative Way Musicians Can Make Money From CD Sales In

The Digital Age!

Slappcard Is Bringing Back CD Sales And Providing Artist With A New Way To Monetize, Market, And Stay Connected To Fans. Offering Slappcards As One Of Your Primary Marketing Tools Can Be Profitable And Useful On Tour, At Shows, Or Out The Trunk!

Slappcards Are The Ultimate Marketing Tool!



CD Sales Have Been Down For Years, Record Stores Are Closing At An Alarming Rate, And The Digital Market Is Booming! Most vehicles have bluetooth Compatibility, USB, Or Aux Cord Connections, As Much As We All Hate To Admit It But, CD IS DEAD!

So Why Spend Your Hard Earned Money On CD Duplication, Who Still Pays For CD's?

No More Boxes Of CD'S COLLECTING DUST! No More Fear Of Over Estimating And Ordering Too Many Disks! Some Fans Still Prefer CD'S, Tape And Even Vinyl, So If It's In Your Budget To Use These Methods, And You Have A Loyal Fan Base Eager To Buy, Then Do It All! Marketing Tools Are Key, The Music Business Is Very Competitive And Constantly Changing

So Be Creative!

Streams Are Generated When Someone Plays A Song Using A Subscription Based Platform Or Mobile/Online Social Media Site. You Can't Rely On Streams To Enhance Your Income, Because Streams Are Calculated Differently, For More Info On How Streams Are Distributed Check Out The Royalty Calculator By Music Gateway

Here Is An Estimate Using (Royalty Calculator By Music Gateway) Of How Much You Could Earn On Streaming Platforms Like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play:

100 STREAMS = Spotify $0.40 Apple Music $0.50 Tidal $1.20 Deezer $0.47

Amazon Music $0.50 Pandora $0.14 YouTube $0.18 SoundCloud $0.13


Musicians Are Selling Slappcards just like a CD, They Set Prices Based On The Number Of Tracks On The Album. For Example:

If The Release Is Just A Single Song, Charge $1.00 - Full Albums Are Usually Priced Between $9.99 - $15.00.

This Is A Great Way To Generate A Few Bucks! After The Track Is Retrieved,

You Also Gain A New Subscriber! WINNING! Lets Do The Math :

You Purchase 100 Slappcards For $60.00, You Sell Your Release 1 for $10.00 Per Card = $1000 Profit, Minus The $60.00 You Paid For Slappcards, Still A Great Way To Get The Cash Directly To The Artist, No Middle Man, No fees, Just Profit!


500 CD'S = $515.00 VS 500 SLAPP CARDS = $70.00!!!

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